Progress Report February 2017

We still have our heads firmly planted in a deluge of decisions and paperwork. Project 22 is like trying to complete a massive jigsaw puzzle when you don’t have all the pieces yet. We have the picture, but now we must create the pieces.  It is a long uphill process that is going to take a lot of time and effort for those tasked with the challenge.

Project 22 is moving forward, we are about to publish “Lister” D6302 our third journal, bursting with Class 22 related data and pictures. We are also looking at new formats for our magazine, other than the Easy flip version, as well as expanding the content to other diesel hydraulic groups.

“Lister” will provide more detail about our activities and offer an insight into our plans and progress. How we are attracting more working volunteers to the project? How are we going to build a locomotive? How is the project being put together, and what’s holding it together? Our thoughts on business structures and fund raising.

Please look out for Project 22 and support us where you can, we are not too far away from achieving the firm foothold we need to take Project 22 many steps closer to completion. With the business and management structure, being our critical foundation to success is taking shape, while constantly expanding. By broadening the strategies that are being put in place, 2017 is going to be a year of expansion of the team. We have received many offers of assistance from followers and members but have been in no position to really take them up. It’s been hard enough for eight of us to be coordinated, it would have been impossible for 26 of us to get anything done. We are now becoming better prepared to accept the kind offers of help and invite more people into Project 22, without the threat of everyone tripping over each other and complete confusion raining and us working in the dark. We have been through this and it almost caused P22 to self-destruct some time ago. We are still not quite there yet but we are back on track.

This Project is still as viable as it always has been, we are leaning to walk before we can run. It may seem like nothing is happening. Well, to some degree that is by design and how we have chosen to control the Project. Please don’t think that our decision to keep a low profile is a sign of the project losing pace. It’s our way of keeping a firm control of what we are doing and keeping our heads out of the clouds.

Thanks for your continued support.